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  • Clyne W, Mshelia C, McLachlan S, Jones P, de Geest S, Ruppar T, Siebens K, Dobbels F, Kardas P. A multinational cross-sectional survey of the management of patient medication adherence by European healthcare professionals.
    Plumpton CO, Morris T, Hughes DA, White IR. Multiple imputation of multiple multi-item scales when a full imputation model is infeasible.
    Morrison VL, Holmes EA, Parveen S, Plumpton CO, Clyne W, De Geest S, Dobbels F, Vrijens B, Kardas P, Hughes DA.Predictors of self-reported adherence to antihypertensive medicines: a multinational, cross-sectional survey.
    Kardas P, Lewek P, Matyjaszczyk M. Determinants of patient adherence: a review of systematic reviews.
    White S, Clyne W, Mshelia C.An educational framework for managing and supporting medication adherence in Europe
    Clyne W, White S, McLachlan S.Developing consensus-based policy solutions for medicines adherence for Europe: a Delphi study.
    Demonceau J, Ruppar T, Kristanto P, Hughes DA, Fargher E, Kardas P, De Geest S, Dobbels F, Lewek P, Urquhart J, Vrijens B; ABC project team.Identification and assessment of adherence-enhancing interventions in studies assessing medication adherence through electronically compiled drug dosing histories: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis.
    Vrijens B, De Geest S, Hughes D, Kardas P, Demonceau J, Ruppar T, Dobbels F, Fargher E, Morrison V, Lewek P, Matyjaszczyk M, Mshelia C, Clyne W, Aronson J, Urquhart J. A new taxonomy for describing and defining adherence to medications
    Clyne W, Mshelia C, Hall S, McLachlan S, Jones P, Dobbels F, Ruppar T, Siebens K, Morrison V, De Geest S, Kardas P. Management of patient adherence to medications: protocol for an online survey of doctors, pharmacists and nurses in Europe
  • ABC Project Managing and Supporting Medication Adherence. A framework for the education and training of health professionals in Europe.
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